Fellowship Eligibility

Fellows are generally mid- to senior-career level experts in fields related to peace and conflict. They may be academics, independent writers and researchers, journalists, or practitioners. Citizens of any country are eligible to be senior fellows. Former senior fellows are eligible to reapply for Senior Fellowships after 4 years of holding a Senior Fellowship. Fellowships may not be used to cover tuition or other costs related to obtaining a degree. For information about USIP fellowship support for dissertation research and writing, please visit the Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Program page.

Calls for Concept Notes and Applications:

Most of USIP’s calls for proposals require applicants to submit a concept note. A concept note is a brief document that summarizes a proposed project’s main objectives, plan, activities, and products. Concept notes are generally quite succinct and should be no longer than 3-4 single-spaced pages. Please review the requirements for each individual call for proposals. Unfortunately, because of the large volume of concept notes USIP receives, our staff cannot provide feedback regarding concept notes that are not selected to move forward. Applicants are also asked to fill out an online form with basic information.

After an opportunity deadline passes, USIP staff begins the review process for all received concept notes. Applicants whose proposals are selected to move forward will be asked to submit full applications that provide more detail about intended project objectives, activities, timeline, and product. Guidelines for full applications will be provided only to those applicants that are selected to move forward.

Please note that there is no singular deadline for USIP fellowship opportunities. The deadline for submitting concept notes is listed on each individual call for proposals. USIP cannot accept any concept notes after the deadline for an opportunity has passed.

Application Forms:

Please see the pages linked to each posted fellowship opportunity for detailed information. Generally, applicants are asked to enter basic information via an online form, while concept notes and CVs are submitted as attachments to the appropriate email for each opportunity.

Duration and Location of Fellowships:

Fellowships vary by opportunity but generally last from 6-10 months, as specified in a given fellowship opportunity. Fellowships are somewhat flexible and may be adjusted to suit the needs of those designated as fellows. Fellowships are generally in residence at USIP but may include periods of research in the field or time spent with USIP staff on projects in the field. Generally, we aim to have fellowships include a period of 6 months total in residence so that the fellow may be integrated into USIP and both contribute to and benefit from the life of the Institute. Under some circumstances, and to permit flexibility in the design of fellowships, fellowships may be split into segments of several months each.

Fellowship Stipends:

Stipends are determined individually in relation to preceding year's income, up to the permissible maximum amount of $10,000 per month. Stipends for fellows from abroad will be comparable to those for U.S. citizens of similar experience and position.

Review of Fellowship Applications:

USIP is committed to reviewing all fellowship applications in a timely, thorough, and rigorous manner. Once USIP has received a full application from a selected applicant, the application undergoes a rigorous, confidential review process by USIP internal staff, external subject matter experts, and organizational peers. USIP’s Board of Directors and Executive Office make the final decision on funding for fellowships.

Further Information:

For information or inquiries, please use the general email of the fellowship program at fellowships@usip.org or the email addresses attached to individual fellowship opportunities as they are posted.