Emily Ashbridge is a program specialist for the South Asia program at USIP and provides research support to the Afghanistan Peace Process Study Group.

Before joining USIP, Emily was a fellow at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan, where she coordinated a development policy research center. She has also worked with NGOs in India. Emily’s research interests include regional security dynamics and geopolitics in South Asia.

Emily holds a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Chicago.

Publications By Emily

How to Handle Pakistan’s Corporal Punishment Problem

How to Handle Pakistan’s Corporal Punishment Problem

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

By: Aleena Khan; Emily Ashbridge

Shameen, a ninth grade teacher in a low-cost private school in Islamabad, frequently turns around from the whiteboard to shout at the children for slouching and making noise. “Why are you smiling? Sit properly!” she calls out to one of the students. Holding a stick wrapped in tape, she asks students to open their hands and then smacks their palms several times whenever they fail to answer her questions correctly. This is an all too common scene from an average school in Pakistan—and sometimes it can be much worse.

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