Alyssa Jackson is a Global Policy specialist with the Planning, Learning and Strategy team at the U.S. Institute of Peace where she provides event support and policy research concerning the Institute’s strategic policy objectives.

Prior to her current position, Alyssa worked with Fort Leavenworth’s Foreign Military Studies Office writing for the Operational Environment Watch. She examined foreign news sources and wrote analyses of international events and security within the Balkan region. She also previously worked as an event planner for The George Washington University on events pertaining to world hunger and provided research and event support for the State Department’s Global Partnerships Initiative.

Alyssa earned an M.A. in Security Studies from Kansas State University and a B.A. in International Relations from Wheaton College.

Publications By Alyssa

A Way Forward for the U.S. Government in Fragile States

A Way Forward for the U.S. Government in Fragile States

Friday, April 6, 2018

By: Alyssa Jackson

Around the world, some countries suffer recurring bad fortune such as repeated famines, violence, and instability. For instance, Somalia has suffered multiple famines in the last decade, exacerbated by recurring terrorist attacks from al-Shabaab and a weak government that struggles to provide access to schools and health services. Elsewhere, Pakistan has been victim to numerous earthquakes that kill thousands in addition to persistent skirmishes with India, terrorist attacks and tensions with the United States over terrorist safe havens.

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