Lise Grande is a senior American UN official with 25 years of continuous overseas experience leading, managing, and coordinating large-scale, complex operations for the United Nations. She has held leadership positions in humanitarian, stabilization, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and development operations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Caucasus.

Lise is currently the head of UN humanitarian and development operations in Yemen, where she coordinates one of the UN’s largest operations globally. Prior to her assignment in Yemen, Lise was responsible for the UN’s humanitarian, stabilization, and development operations, and she served as deputy head of the UN’s political mission in Iraq during the campaign against ISIS. She was instrumental in facilitating one of the largest managed evacuations of civilians from a war zone in recent history and led the UN team that helped stabilize more than 20 cities liberated from ISIS control.

Lise was responsible for the UN’s humanitarian and development work in South Sudan in the lead-up to independence and during the first year of statehood. She has headed UN operations in India and Armenia and served in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Tajikistan, Sudan, and Haiti.

Lise has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and a master's from the New School for Social Research and is the subject of a documentary on state-building in South Sudan.