For a list of USIP’s 2013 annual grant recipients please click on the following link:


The Organization for Nonviolence and Development (ONAD) was awarded $75,000 to empower local communities in Mvolo and Yirol West counties in South Sudan with skills for conflict prevention and is also establishing a sustainable local mechanism for early warning. A joint dialogue between a broad network of farmers and agro-pastoralists is helping build consensus and awareness around the new early warning mechanisms.


The Life and Peace Institute (LPI) was awarded $87,724 to address campus violence and other conflicts among students in the University of Khartoum and Ahfad University for Women through a process of Sustained Dialogue (SD), which addresses the different dimensions of conflict and promotes a culture of dialogue. With the support of a local partner, the Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies, this project is using Sustained Dialogue to expand the space for participatory, inclusive, and deliberative processes inside the universities and later within the wider community.

The Institute for Development Studies & Practices (IDSP-Pakistan) was awarded $116,567 to engage with youth leaders from Baluchistan and Sindh, Pakistan regarding peacebuilding filmmaking and outreach. Trainees will return to their native communities to film and produce their documentaries for a series of film festivals and community seminars to foster dialogue and awareness regarding the issues and themes raised in the films.


Paiman Alumni Trust was awarded $112,158 to build the capacity of women from faith communities in conflict transformation, interfaith dialogue, and address the issue of violent extremism in Pakistani society. This projects builds bridges among female politico-religious leaders, Maddrassa teachers, non-Muslim women activists and other civil society actors concerning the role of women in initiating and strengthening interfaith harmony and social cohesion.


The BARGAD Society for Human Resources was awarded $116,786 to support a youth-led forum of volunteers, Mashaal-e-Aman or Torch of Peace, to work across 20 universities in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project creates mass awareness and mobilization against youth extremism and radicalization, and builds local capacity for youth to engage in counter-extremism work in Pakistan.


Forman Christian College was awarded $149,920 to introduce a curriculum that promote pluralism and the appreciation of diversity in Pakistan. Based on extensive previous work, and by drawing on input from leading Pakistani educators, the project will create university and secondary school level courses to be piloted at approximately 15 higher educational institutions and a subsequently introduced to a growing number of secondary schools and institutions of higher education. The project will also produce an academic textbook on teaching from an interfaith perspective.