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A sentiment of loyalty toward the nation that is shared by people.


The process of communication and bargaining between parties seeking to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome on issues of shared concern.


A deliberate policy of not taking sides in hostilities or, for many NGOs, of not engaging in controversies involving politics, race, religion, or ideology. See also Impartiality.

Nongovernmental Organization (NGO)

A private, self-governing, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing an objective or objectives such as alleviating human suffering; promoting education, health care, economic development, envi

Nonprofit versus Not-for-Profit

These terms are generally used interchangeably, although some analysts use the term nonprofit only for those organizations that have a formal legal existence or charter.

Nonstate Actor

A large category that includes nongovernmental organizations, multinational corporations, media, terrorist groups, warlords, insurgents, criminal organizations, religious groups, trade unions, univ

Nonviolent Civic Action

Action, usually undertaken by a group of people, to persuade someone else to change their behavior. Examples include strikes, boycotts, marches, and demonstrations.