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Mass Atrocities

Large-scale and deliberate attacks on civilians. The victims of mass atrocities are typically targeted because of their identification as members of a group.

Media Peacebuilding

The notion that it is desirable and possible to enhance the capacity of media for building peace.


A mode of negotiation in which a mutually acceptable third party helps the parties to a conflict find a solution that they cannot find by themselves.


Measurable indicators of progress, typically to assist in implementing an agreement.


The close observation of an activity or process, usually by an independent party or party from another country.

Multitrack Diplomacy

A term for operating on several tracks simultaneously, including official and unofficial conflict resolution efforts, citizen and scientific exchanges, international business negotiations, internat

Mutually Hurting Stalemate

A situation in which neither party thinks it can win a given conflict without incurring excessive loss, and in which both are suffering from a continuation of fighting.