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Declaration of Principles

A negotiating framework that provides the overall structure for a subsequent detailed peace agreement.


A state or community in which all adult members of society partake in a free and fair electoral process that determines government leadership, have access to power through their representatives, an


An effort by one actor to persuade an opponent not to take an action by convincing the opponent that the costs and risks of doing so will outweigh what might be gained.

Development Aid

Assistance given to developing countries to support their economic, social, and political development.


A conversation or exchange of ideas that seeks mutual understanding through the sharing of perspectives.


The movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland. Also, a group of such people.


The fundamental means by which foreign policy is implemented.


: A euphemism for politically motivated murders or abductions, usually performed by or with the support of government or political organizations.

Do No Harm

A maxim that acknowledges that any intervention carries with it the risk of doing harm.

Donor Coordination

A term that describes efforts to integrate the work of donors, the host government, and local nongovernmental organizations so as to avoid duplication and inefficiencies.