Frequently Asked Questions


Symposium participants are invited to stay at the Melrose Hotel, located at 2430 Pennslyvania Ave NW, Washtington, DC 20037. The hotel is a short walk to the U.S. Institute of Peace. To reserve a hotel room at the Symposium rate click here.

Transportation from the Melrose Hotel to USIP
The symposium will provide morning and evening bus transportation to and from the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP). Buses  will run at 7:30 am in the morning, and in the evening at 6:00 pm on Thursday and Friday and 2:30 pm on Saturday.

Upon arrival at USIP, participants will be required to go through a magnetometer. All participants will need to send their belongings through an X-Ray Machine. To make security move faster, please avoid bringing large bags, suitcases, or laptops to the Symposium. Please be prepared that if you bring a laptop, you will be required to turn it on for security purposes. You must have a photo ID to get through security.

Invited participants will receive a Symposium badge that will be their entry pass each day. It is necessary to bring this badge each day and wear it at all times.
Panelists - Please check in at the panelists registration desk at registration 30 minutes prior to your panel in order to receive your microphone and be taken to the stage.

Staff and Volunteers
For questions turn to staff and volunteers—they will be clearly identifiable by the red scarves they are wearing.

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Navigating the Symposium

Information (Leland Atrium)
An information table is located on the second floor (Leland Atrium) across from Carlucci Auditorium. The attendant will have information on the conference and basic information about Washington D.C. In addition, please feel free to approach symposium staff and volunteers if you have any questions. They will be recognizable by their red scarves.

Carlucci Auditorium (Room C150)
Carlucci Auditorium is the primary location of the Symposium. There is one entrance to the auditorium on the second floor on Leland Terrace and another located on the first floor, off of the Great Hall.

Leland Terrace (Second Floor)
Leland Terrace is a space for participants, panelists, and Young Scholars to relax, interact, and discuss issues raised during the course of the Symposium. The Terrace is located down the stairs from registration and will have refreshments available at all times during the conference.

Coat Check (Room 202)
An attended coat check is located off of Leland Terrace, across from the entrance to Carlucci Auditorium. USIP is not responsible for any belongings left in the coat check.

Internet Hub (Room B215)
There will be four laptops with internet access available for Symposium attendee use. Due to the limited number of computers, we ask that attendees be considerate of others when using the computers.
Accessing the Internet remotely – For Symposium attendees wishing to access the wifi network at USIP simply select USIP guest in wifi settings and accept the USIP terms and agreements.

Great Hall (South Atrium 103)
The Great Hall is where lunchs and the two receptions will take place. It is located on the first floor down both flights of stairs.

Young Scholar's Poster Presentation (the arcade off of Leland Atrium)
Poster presentations of several of the Young Scholars' work will be on display off of Leland Atrium under the arcade. Please take a few moments during the breaks to view our Young Scholars' innovative work and ask them about their research.

Kathwari Amphitheatre (Room B205)
Kathwari Amphitheatre is the overflow site for people who are unable to find seating in Carlucci Auditorium or for people who are unable to remain for an entire panel. The Amphitheatre is located on Leland Terrace across from Carlucci Auditorium under the arcade.

Panelists’ Green Room (Peacelinks Classroom)
The Green Room has been set aside for panelists to prepare before their panel. All panelists should check in at the panelist's desk at registration no less than 30 minutes before their scheduled panel time. From there, panelists will be escorted to the green room to go over logistics with their moderator and to get their lavaliere microphones. The Green Room is located off of the Great Hall, under the portico to the right.

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Art and Video

Photo Exhibit
A photo exhibit by PROOF: Media for Social Justice, will be displayed throughout USIP all three days of the Symposium.

Videotaping Crew
During the Symposium, you may notice or be approached by a videotaping crew from ArtWorks. This crew is gathering footage for a short video about sexual violence in conflict. Panelists will be asked to sign a release at registration on the first day of the conference and select other symposium attendees may be asked for interviews. Participation in videotaping is voluntary. Please let the staff at registration know if you do not wish to be videotaped.

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theHive (Room B214)
theHive is the World Bank’s knowledge platform on fragility, conflict, and violence. It provides both an online and face-to-face communication platform for the community of practice working on these issues. During the Symposium, theHive will be active and World Bank staff members will be on hand to offer demonstrations.

The Symposium’s conversation continues on Twitter with #missingpeace.

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If you are a member of the press, please check in at the press desk located at registration on the third floor. The press desk is located just to the left of the doors as you enter USIP.

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 Symposium Participation

The Symposium is by invitation only.  We are not accepting general RSVPs. However, if you have a specific request, please e-mail gender@usip.org.

You may still participate by watching the live webcast of the event beginning at 8:30am EDT on February 14, 2013 at www.usip.org/webcast.

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 About Washington, D.C.

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