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Innovative Settings for Meetings and Special Events

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is not available to host the following events:

  • Events of a primarily political, or fundraising nature.
  • Social events except for weddings.
  • Events that charge admission fees/make collections/seek contributions.
  • Events that give door prizes, or host auctions/raffles.
  • Events sponsored by organizations practicing discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or condition of physical ability.
  • Events that advertise or promote a product or service for profit.
  • Events where the sponsor intends to conduct religious or lobbying activities or hearings.

Please email to reserve a date. USIP will reserve space for you conditionally, pending receipt and review of your event proposal letter.

Please email the following:

  • Event Title
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Event Date/Time
  • Number of Guests
  • Contact Name/Phone/Email

Once your request is submitted, CME will respond within 24 hours, or the next business day. All event requests are reviewed and must be approved by the Executive Office.
Please submit an event request letter (sample) including a description of the event, the agenda, audience, funding, and entertainment, along with your organization's tax certificate (if 501c3 non-profit status). The request will be evaluated on the basis of the event request and/or availability of space and time of year.