The work of peacebuilding and conflict management is necessarily, intrinsically collaborative: at its core, it is bringing people together and finding common ground.


The USIP Academy partners with organizations all over the world to effectively communicate with and educate various and disparate audiences on best practices for conflict prevention, management and resolution. The Academy is proud to partner with non-profit, governmental, academic, military and international organizations and agencies to help these groups do their important work even better.

From large institutions of higher education to small non-profit organizations, the Academy has helped countless organizations to establish conflict transformation and peacebuilding practices that enhance their institutional methodology and help them meet their goals.

Our partnerships with esteemed organizations around the world are critical to the development and strength of the Academy’s ever-growing global learning community. Academy instructors learn from partner organizations and incorporate that knowledge and expertise into future trainings and workshops. As the Academy’s partnerships continue to deepen and flourish, so do the opportunities available to our global learning community. 

The Academy partners in one of three ways:

Sharing Resources

By utilizing the USIP Academy’s existing resources, organizations around the world are able to more effectively and efficiently educate their audiences on how to resolve conflict and make peace possible in the areas in which they work. Organizations, institutions and universities can license USIP Academy curriculum to augment their own programs.

The Academy’s myriad online course offerings are especially suited to facilitate shared learning across organizations and around the world. For example:

  • The Academy’s self-paced online micro-courses can be used as prerequisites to more complex, in-depth educational opportunities, providing a foundational starting point for further learning.
  • Partner organizations can license any of the Academy’s self-paced online courses and use them to supplement the curriculum of their own educational offerings.
  • Instructor-led online courses can be used by partner organizations, with a USIP Academy instructor serving as a complement to the organization’s own leadership.

Partners can also enlist USIP to bring the Academy’s existing in-person courses, workshops and trainings to their audiences.  

For more information on how to license USIP Academy courses, please contact XXX.

Developing Custom Curricula

Every institution, individual, and situation is different, and the challenges faced in conflict-affected communities are diverse and complicated. The USIP Academy has a long and successful track record of partnering with organizations around the world to develop customized learning experiences for specific audiences.

Each audience is different, and therefore the Academy focuses on the profiles and needs of organizations and individuals when considering what works for each audience.

A few examples of the types of customized learning experiences the USIP Academy offers include:

  • Skill and knowledge sharing on a specific topic: USIP Academy instructors are well-equipped to develop and deliver unique curricula that match the needs of any organization or individual anywhere in the world, focusing on the specific work that organization or individual does to make peace possible.
  • Exercises that replicate specific conflict scenarios:  The USIP Academy offers educational activities that enable learners to apply tools and skills to real-life challenges while garnering useful assessment and feedback to be put to use in future situations.
  • Training of Trainers: The Academy trains cohorts of trainers in conflict-affected communities, allowing those individuals to help others acquire and practice conflict management, leadership and facilitation skills in order to help build peace and resolve conflict.

Co-Creating Curricula

Rather than independently developing courses to meet our partners’ specific needs, Academy instructors can work with partner organizations to co-develop courses or curricula. Co-developed courses, trainings and workshops leverage the Academy’s vast expertise with a partner’s specific thematic and/or geographic interests.

The USIP Academy applies its vast education and training expertise to meet specific needs, forging long-term relationships with partners to co-develop complete and uniquely-designed learning experiences that use examples, cases and exercises reflective of the real-life challenges the participants have faced.