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The Office of Congressional Relations coordinates outreach and other efforts to inform and assist Congress. A key element of USIP's mission is to actively support U.S. policymakers by mobilizing the best talent from around the globe, through its work in zones of conflict, analysis of drivers of conflict and education and training on lessons learned. USIP provides policymakers with creative options to prevent, manage, and resolve international conflicts.

Congress & USIP

In 1984, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) was created by Congress to extend the range of options to manage violent international conflict. For more information, see USIP’s history and mission. For more information and to find out how USIP is active in every state, please contact the Office of Congressional Relations.

Tools for Congress

USIP Experts Available to Congress

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In-house experts, fellows, peace scholars, and grantees are available for committee testimony as well as to staffers to answer questions on conflict areas around the world. Many of USIP's practitioners have on-the-ground, peacebuilding experience. For more information contact the Office of Congressional Relations. | Find USIP Experts


Briefings and Testimonies on Capitol Hill

USIP holds both public and off-the-record briefings on Capitol Hill to educate on a variety of issues. Members of Congress or congressional staff interested in arranging an Institute briefing on Capitol Hill, attending an Institute public briefing, or otherwise participating in an Institute-sponsored event should contact the Office of Congressional Relations. | See Congressional Testimonies


Other USIP Activities Related to Congress

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USIP's work with Congress includes activities to educate America's youth, raise public awareness, support policymakers, and bridge the gap between research and policymaking. USIP provides doctoral scholarships, fellowships, and grants to U.S. universities and non-governmental organizations around the country. USIP’s Global Peacebuilding Center provides resources for teachers and education of youth in the importance of peacebuilding techniques. Contact us at: Office of Congressional Relations.