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USIP is America’s nonpartisan institute to promote national security and global stability by reducing violent conflicts abroad. Our staff guide peace talks and advise governments; train police and religious leaders; and support community groups opposing extremism—all to help troubled countries solve their own conflicts peacefully.

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USIP works in 51 countries facing warfare and extremism, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Burma and Nigeria. On any given day, our staff work with partners in prime ministers’ offices and parliaments—and in refugee camps and community centers—building peaceful solutions to bloodshed.

Where We Work
A boy walks in a devastated area in Kobani, Syria, Feb. 10, 2018. (The New York Times/Mauricio Lima)


Foreign Policy and Fragile States

Date: Monday, March 19, 2018 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Seven years into a brutal civil war in Syria, we are reminded how fragile states can lead to regional instability, cause humanitarian crises and fall prey to extremist organizations, such as ISIS. A discussion at the U.S. Institute of Peace will examine how the United States and the international community can address these national security challenges.