Rule of Law Center

Center for Governance, Law, and Society

USIP's Rule of Law Center conducts research, identifies best practices, and develops new tools for policymakers and practitioners working to promote the rule of law.  It has played a significant role in shaping the field and in advancing the rule of law in fragile and post-conflict societies.

USIP's Rule of Law Center is on the cutting edge of promoting the rule of law in conflict-affected states. It does this by taking a leading role in shaping thinking worldwide on rule of law issues, working on the ground in conflict-affected countries to promote justice and security, and leading the field in rule of law training delivery and the sharing of best practices.

The Rule of Law Center's pioneering work on transitional justice, model legal codes, consultative constitution making, communities of practice and traditional dispute resolution are examples of this successful approach.

To learn more about USIP's rule of law work, please visit the rule of law issue area.

Articles & Analysis

October 1, 2014

American and British ambassadors joined Libyan activists and analysts for a USIP Twitter chat this week, as rival lawmakers in Libya met for negotiations brokered by the United Nations to end the recent surge of violence and the political crises that sparked it.

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Since the 2011 Arab Spring crisis, Yemen has faced ongoing serious security sector challenges. Part of this reform effort is the country’s prison system, which this report—drawing on visits to thirty...
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