USIP Prevention Newsletter - July 2011

July 1, 2011

Read about USIP’s on-the-ground and region-specific work aimed at helping prevent conflict in Africa, the Middle East, South and Northeast Asia.

In this Issue

  • SPOTLIGHT on Pakistan: The discovery and killing of Osama Bin Laden in a Pakistan garrison town may well prove to be transformational for the U.S.-Pakistan relationship.
    • Internal Tensions in Iran  
    • Secret Talks on the Korean Peninsula
    • The Cabinet Formation in Lebanon
    • The Responsibility to Protect
    • Reform in Kenya
    • Reconciliation in Côte D'Ivoire 

About This Newsletter

The bimonthly Prevention Newsletter provides highlights of USIP's conceptual work and region specific work aimed at helping to prevent conflicts in Africa, the Middle East, South and Northeast Asia, and the special project on genocide prevention. It also provides Over the Horizon thinking on trends in different regions, as well as events, working groups and publications. Every Newsletter will spotlight a single country, conflict, or event, and include short highlights of all regions and issues covered by the Center. | Sign up to receive the bi-monthly newsletter via e-mail

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July 1, 2011