Youth Leading for Peace and Equality


Join us for 60 days of learning to highlight the connections among youth, peace and gender equality. We’ll celebrate the stories of young women and men working for peace, and we’ll exchange crucial skills and approaches for building more inclusive societies. 

Spotlight Video

Are you a youth working to promote gender equality? Do you have a story to share? Film a 1-2 minute video answering the questions below. Tweet your video at #YouthPeaceEquality and you may end up as one of our spotlight videos.

  • In what ways do you promote gender equality through your work?
  • What is important to you about promoting gender equality?
  • What is an experience in your life that helps us understand why you focus on inclusion in your work?
For Nada, Azza, and Nourhan, acceptance into the Maadi STEM School in Cairo was a dream come true. Only 120 students are chosen from across Egypt. In every region in the world, women and girls are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math, denying them opportunities in education, entrepreneurship and finance that could help break the cycle of poverty.
Today’s generation of youth, at 1.8 billion, is the largest the world has ever known. Because many of them live in countries ravaged by violent conflict, the world too often sees boys or young men only as perpetrators of violence, and young women or girls as victims. But they also can be constructive agents for peace, and one prerequisite for peace is equality -- in education and in leadership. #YouthPeaceEquality

 Coming Soon: Learn about our partners and the work they do to promote gender equality.

View photos of youth around the world working to create inclusive societies.

Reflect on how you approach gender in your daily life. Set goals to become more intentional in your efforts toward gender equality. 

Participate in exercises around gender and explore content from USIP’s online course on gender and peacebuilding. 

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