Generation Change, a Program for Emerging Leaders

Generation Change works with young leaders across the globe to foster collaboration, build resilience and strengthen capacity as they transform local communities.

About Generation Change 

The United States Institute of Peace's Generation Change Program is dedicated to empowering and building the capacity of civically engaged youth as they emerge as leaders in their communities. The program provides these civic leaders with a range of skills and experiences in the hopes that if they are equipped with these skills and a more dynamic community of peers, they will be able to sustain their social change efforts, ensure their work is effective and increase their resilience as leaders. The content of the program is designed to provide these civic leaders with the following:

Effective Leadership Skills

The program aims to empower emerging leaders with practical skills in communication, leadership presence and story-telling. These skills help leaders communicate their mission and vision more effectively and create more robust and stable organizations.

Conflict Management Skills

The program aims to develop the skills of emerging leaders in managing conflict non-violently. The core skills of conflict analysis, approaches to conflict, active listening, relationship building and working cooperatively to find mutually agreeable solutions among parties are central to the Generation Change training.

A Dynamic Community of Civic Leaders

To counter the feeling of isolation that is felt by many civic leaders, the program deliberately focuses on creating relationships built on trust during the program so that they are able to turn to one another and rely on one another following the program. The program also offers different platforms (electronic and in person) through which these leaders can connect and build lasting relationships.

The program is currently piloting in nine countries across the Middle East and Africa. These countries include: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. Generation Change Fellows are between 18 and 35 years old. They hold leadership roles within civic organizations and are actively working to positively impact their community.

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