International Network to Promote the Rule of Law (INPROL)

INPROL is a web-based worldwide network of rule of law practitioners and experts created to support practitioners in the field.  Find out more information about becoming part of INPROL, and apply for membership.

INPROL's Partner Organizations and Advisory Council

INPROL is spearheaded by the United States Institute of Peace in partnership with the U. S. Department of State's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement; the Center of Excellence for Police Stability Unit; the OSCE Strategic Police Matters Units; William & Mary School of Law; the Pearson Peacekeeping Center and the International Institute for Law and Human Rights. INPROL also has a number of affiliated organizations and research institutions.
It's Honorary Board and Council of Experts represents eminent rule of law practitioners that have served in various UN field missions, international organizations, or are recognized leaders of rule of law efforts around the world.

INPROL's Goals and Web site Features

The International Network to Promote Rule of Law aims to:

  • Help Rule of Law Practitioners solve the problems they face in the field and to promote professional development and learning: Rule of law actors deepen their rule of law knowledge and skills through INPROL by:
    • Accessing an extensive repository of over 3,000 rule of law resources in its Online Digital Library;
    • Receiving advice and input from their INPROL peers by posting a question on the Online Discussion Forums;
    • Accessing INPROL's knowledge products and applied research, such as its Research Memoranda that are drafted in response to queries posted on the Online Forums, or its Practitioners Guides, a publication series that distills best practices and approaches in key rule of law areas;
    • Keeping up on the latest developments in the field through the News and Features section, with blogs and short articles on current and emerging rule of law issues; and
    • Look for future employment opportunities on the Jobs page
  • Promote Coordination in the Rule of Law Field: INPROL fosters coordination within the community, helping to develop networks and synergies across regions, organizations, and disciplines; and,
  • Foster Innovation in the Rule of Law Field: INPROL supports advances in the field and the development of cutting-edge practices by facilitating dynamic dialogues through its online Rule of Law Dialogue Space, where practitioners come together to problem-solve around key rule of law issues. 

Work in Afghanistan

INPROL developed an in-depth, informative Afghanistan Country Page to support rule of law and police practitioners in Afghanistan and to provide all members with an overview of rule of law in Afghanistan.


INPROL's members are experienced international rule of law practitioners. The network is open to those currently working on rule of law reforms in a post-conflict or developing country in a policy-, practice-, or research role. Applicants may apply online at