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Through this initiative, the Centers of Innovation for Science, Technology, and Peacebuilding and Media, Conflict and Peacebuilding explore ways to utilize quantitative and analytical tools to map online discourse and content in USIP's priority conflict areas.

As part of this initiative, the Center has put on major conferences that have brought together a wide range of leading academic and industry experts. It has produced two papers that laid out an influential framework for analyzing the impact of new media on politics and which took stock of the existing literature, methods, and data.
These conferences and reports have significantly advanced a broad, collective, and collaborative effort to develop policy-relevant and academically rigorous approaches to urgent questions about the impact of new media on conflict and peace.

2013 Events and Publications

  • PeaceWorks: Blogs & Bullets III: Syria's Socially Mediated Civil War
    Much of what the outside world thinks it knows about Syria has come from videos, analysis, and commentary circulated through social media. In this report, leading social media researchers assess the sources of this content, its credibility, and how it travels. Their examination of English-language and Arabic-language Twitter feeds on Syria reveal insular networks with vastly different content, calling into question Western reliance on English-only sources of information on the conflict.

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