Science, Technology and Peacebuilding

Using input from people around the world, this Center of Innovation identifies promising new practices, conducts research, and develops innovative strategies for applying science and technology to the challenge of peacebuilding in fragile states, active conflict and post-conflict societies.


roundtableRoundtable on Technology, Science and Peacebuilding
A New Forum for Innovation in Preventing and Managing Conflict

The Center partnered with the National Academies of Science and of Engineering to launch a major, multi-year roundtable. It will focus on the development and application of technology and knowledge, and on methods from engineering and science in the service of conflict prevention, peacemaking, and peacekeeping.


blogs and bulletsBlogs & Bullets
Understanding Online Discourse as a Cause of Conflict and Means of Dialogue

Through this initiative, the Center explores ways to utilize quantitative and analytical tools to map online discourse and content in USIP’s priority conflict areas.


smart tools for smart powerSmart Tools for Smart Power
Applying Technology Innovation to the Needs of Peacebuilding

This initiative brings together peacebuilding practitioners and technology innovators to identify high-impact opportunities for technology to bolster peacebuilding and stability operations.


universities for ushahidiUniversities for Ushahidi

The U4U training program brings young people from conflict zones around the world to train them in the use of crowdsourced mapping tools like Ushahidi as well as in the skills of conflict management, helping them address community needs in-country, train others, and join a growing community of global crisis mappers and technology-enabled peacebuilders.


science diplomacy for conflict preventionScience Diplomacy for Conflict Prevention
Global Evaluation of Scientific and Engineering Collaborations for Peacebuilding

The Center of Innovation for Science, Technology, and Peacebuilding is evaluating select scientific and technical collaborations between countries to identify the active ingredients that makes them channels of peacebuilding.