Centers of Innovation

USIP identifies and applies best practices in seven topical areas whose issues cross each phase of conflict through this series of Centers.

USIP's Centers of Innovation (COI) focus on specialized sectors essential to peacebuilding. They are comprised of seven topical programs with projects in conflict-affected countries around the world. They work on peacebuilding in relation to Gender, Media, Religion, Rule of Law, Science and Technology, Security Sector Governance, and Economics to gender, media, religion, rule of law, science and technology, security sector governance, and economics.

The Centers of Innovation conduct research, identify best practices, and develop new peacebuilding tools within their areas of expertise. Their work helps define and shape their respective fields.

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Articles & Analysis

January 15, 2013

Although gender concerns do not figure explicitly in the Sudan and South Sudan's September 2012 framework agreements, implementation offers both countries an important opportunity to develop an inclusive process whereby women actively participate and voice their own priorities and concerns.

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Classroom Courses

Kathleen Kuehnast
December 2, 2014

Men and women experience war differently, so it is essential to understand the dynamic impact of gender roles in conflict and post-conflict settings. Participants will practice applying a “gender lens” to peace processes and conflict prevention scenarios. Using a practical example of gender analysis and the inclusion of gender in peacebuilding, participants will apply a core set of gender analysis skills to a real-world scenario and develop their own action plans.

"Men and Women in War and Peace" is an inclusive approach toward understanding the dynamic impact of gender roles in conflict and peace processes.


Afghan and Iraqi women leaders met earlier this year to discuss how women in North African transition countries can play a role in reshaping their societies. Based on their own experiences with...
Current USIP grantee Peace Direct is in the final stages of a project to empower peace committees to defuse local conflicts in communities in Southern Kordofan and Unity states near the contested...