Major USIP Activities and Contributions in Iraq: 2004

Iraqis meeting at Baghdad University
Iraqis meeting at Baghdad University to vote for delegates to the Iraqi National Conference, Sunday, July 25, 2004. As part of a project to rehabilitate the Iraqi higher education system, USIP helped establish the Peace and Human Rights Education Unit at Baghdad University in that year. (Tyler Hicks/The New York Times)   



  • USIP establishes its office in Baghdad.
  • USIP launches a project to help rehabilitate the Iraqi higher education system and to introduce courses and materials in conflict resolution and peace education into university curricula throughout the country. As part of this project, USIP helps establish the Peace and Human Rights Education Unit at Baghdad University.
  • USIP begins a series of conflict analysis and resolution, negotiation, and mediation skills training workshops for senior leaders in the Iraqi military
  • USIP provides advice and technical assistance to Iraq's Constitutional Commission as it drafts the country's new charter. Early on, USIP focused specific attention on increasing transparency and public participation in the constitutional process during the drafting period, through work with the Constitutional Commission's public outreach unit and through direct support with a wide array of civil society organizations. As part of this program, USIP and its partners launched, a comprehensive resource for constitutional design.  
  • USIP establishes the Network of Iraqi Facilitators, a group that conduct grassroots peacebuilding initiatives in some of the most violence-prone areas of Iraq. At the request of communities, NIF members bring together local government, tribal, religious and civil society leaders to prevent and resolve conflict at the local level. USIP has since trained over 100 Network of Iraqi Facilitators (NIF) 
  • USIP founds a priority grant program in Iraq, which has become a well-respected source of funding and support among Iraqi civil society organizations that aim to resolve conflict and build peace. USIP has now funded more than seventy-six projects in Iraq. To review funded grants in Iraq, visit the Funded Grants Database and select “Regional Conflict – Iraq.”

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