Quiana Atherly

Senior Administrative Assistant, Middle East & Africa

Quiana Atherly is a senior administrative assistant for the Middle East and Africa Center at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Quiana joined USIP as a contractor after working for the Department of State as a DoS ambassador for the building and then with USIP as a contractor. She joined the MEA program within USIP during December 2013. Within MEA, she closely assists the program leadership team with establishing and managing the operations of the center. She coordinates closely and supports projects across the program including Generation Change, which is dedicated to empowering and building the capacity of civically engaged youth.

Quiana has interests in Latin and African arts and culture, the research of creative arts through social science, movement arts therapy and youth impacting global change through creative arts expression. She has established a national network within the movement arts community and is furthering her knowledge and impact on the community by empowering and engaging her peers.