Meet Our Experts

USIP experts conduct a wide array of research, analysis and practice on international conflict prevention, management, and resolution issues.

Please direct all media inquiries to or call 202.429.3869.

Pamela Aall

Senior Advisor for Conflict Prevention and Management

Elie Abouaoun, DDS, GCM

Director, Middle East and North Africa Programs

Belquis Ahmadi

Senior Program Officer

Khitam Al-Khaykanee

Program Officer, Rule of Law, Justice and Security

Raya Barazanji

Senior Program Officer, Middle East & Africa

Ariana Barth

Program Officer

Diego Benitez

Program Officer, Planning, Learning and Evaluation

Linda Bishai

Director, North Africa Programs

Salih Booker

Vice President for External Relations

Virginia M. Bouvier

Senior Advisor

William Byrd

Senior Expert, Afghanistan

Daryn Cambridge

Senior Program Officer

Johnnie Carson

Senior Advisor to the President

Jonas Claes

Senior Program Officer, Global Practice and Innovation

Priscilla A. Clapp

Senior Advisor

Beth Ellen Cole

Special Advisor, Violent Extremism, Conflict and Fragility

Elizabeth A. "Lili" Cole

Director, Fellows Program

Colin Cookman

Program Officer, Center for South & Central Asia

Noel Dickover

Director, PeaceTech Data Networks, PeaceTech Lab

Ena Dion

Senior Program Officer, Rule of Law, Justice and Security