Winning Together: Multiparty Negotiations

“Winning Together: Multiparty Negotiations” is an intensive training course that builds your persuasive abilities so that you can obtain collaborative outcomes within and across your agency, organization, branch of government or military, as well as internationally.

Photo Credit: The New York Times
Anthony Wanis-St. John

When are your negotiation skills critical? When you are trying to:

  • Organize a democratic transition
  • Build civil society coalitions to support change
  • Reach across government agencies instead of working in "silos"
  • Obtain a safe outcome in a barricade incident or at a hostile checkpoint
  • Achieve ceasefires
  • Develop nonpartisan solutions to political problems—for example, in a parliament
  • Get peacekeepers, humanitarians, and host nationals to work toward common goals in a zone of conflict

In this course, you will learn:

  • What strategies you should use
  • How to fend off manipulative tactics
  • How to build bridges across cultural differences
  • How spoilers need to be managed
  • What negotiation levers to pull and how to adapt your skills to new and emerging situations

Most importantly, participants will use this knowledge to practice—through exercises and case studies—how to shape the issues being negotiated, propose formula and process choices, create coalitions and manage spoilers, and identify sources of leverage.

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