Men and Women in War and Peace

“Men and Women in War and Peace" is an inclusive training approach toward understanding the dynamic impact of gender roles in violent conflict, violent extremism, and throughout the peacebuilding processes. This three and a half-day course will provide practitioners, civil society activists, academics and policy makers with an overview of the key issues, frameworks, principles and practices in gender and peacebuilding.

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Kathleen Kuehnast

Lead Instructor: Kathleen Kuehnast
Guest experts (confirmed): Gary Barker (Promundo), Natalia Karbowska (Ukrainian Women’s Fund) and USIP’s Alison Milofsky, Steven Steiner, Danielle Robertson, Tesse Poppe and Nicoletta Barbera

Through a series of expert lectures, case scenarios, interactive exercises, and mixed media presentations, participants will gain increased understanding about gender and peacebuilding, including the different roles of women and men in preventing, mitigating and resolving conflict. The 3.5 daylong course will offer the participants a core set of gender analytical skills and will address the following questions: 

  • What is “gender”? Why is “gender” not a synonym for women?
  • Why does gender analysis matter in programming design and implementation, as well as policy making in violent conflict and post-conflict settings?
  • How does violent conflict affect women and men differently?
  • How has sexual violence featured in contemporary wars and violent extremism?
  • How does the understanding of gender roles and power dynamics contribute to the analysis of conflict?

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