Democracy in Pakistan: Back to the Future?

A public event co-sponsored with the Center for Strategic and International Studies

The disintegration of the ruling coalition has undermined efforts to construct a democratic polity capable of tackling escalating economic, social, and security challenges in the country and the wider region. Whether or not the Taliban's growing influence Afghanistan and the border areas can be attributed to the meddling of the military-security establishment, one thing is clear: the failure of Pakistan's leaders to unite raises the prospect for a reassertion of the military.

To sort out the challenges facing Pakistan and their implications for US-Pakistani relations, USIP and CSIS have assembled an outstanding group of experts from academia and the democracy promotion community. Please join us for what promises to be a lively and informative discussion.


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Please join us for a public panel discussion with:

  • Daniel Brumberg
    USIP, discussant
  • Karin von Hippel
    Center for Strategic and International Studies, co-chair
  • Peter Manikas
    National Democratic Institute
  • Shuja Nawaz
    U.S. Institute of Peace, Study Group on Reform and Security in the Muslim World
  • Marvin Weinbaum
    Middle East Institute
  • Abiodun Williams
    U.S. Institute of Peace, co-chair