Global Peacebuilding Center

The Global Peacebuilding Center extends USIP’s educational work to new audiences in new ways. Learn more about the multimedia exhibits, educational programs, and a website with resources and activities at

We focus mainly on students and educators, and seek to introduce these audiences to key concepts and skills in conflict management, and to the challenges and importance of peacebuilding. Through the onsite experience here at USIP and through the virtual Global Peacebuilding Center at, we are engaging the next generation of peacebuilders.

The website of the Global Peacebuilding Center features educational resources, a interactive Virtual Passport experience, and ways for young people to engage and connect as peacebuilders. It also features our Peacebuilding Toolkit for Educators – middle school and high school volumes – including lessons and activities to bring peacebuilding into the classroom.

Visit the Global Peacebuilding Center website to learn more.