Current and Past Leadership

USIP leadership includes members of the board of directors, the president, executive vice president, and a leadership team of vice presidents and assistant vice presidents.

Board of Directors

President and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President

Senior Staff

  • Andrew Blum, Vice President, Program Management and Evaluation
  • Salih Booker, Vice President, External Relations
  • Michael Graham, Vice President, Management & CFO
  • Jeffrey Helsing, Associate Vice President, Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding
  • Linda Jamison, Vice President, Global Talent Development & HR
  • Manal Omar, Acting Vice President, Center for the Middle East and Africa
  • Colette Rausch, Acting Vice President, Center for Governance, Law and Society
  • William F. Rothenbecker, Associate Vice President of Operations
  • Andrew Wilder, Vice President, Center for South and Central Asia